Display of Measurement Values
Measurement values are displayed on the monitor screen for up to three measure-
ments. From the fourth measurement on, values of earlier measurements are deleted
in order.
Figure only : Correct measurement
Figure in ( ) : Low in reliability
ERR : Incorrect measurement
OVER : Measurement value exceeding the measuring range
Setting the Measurement Mode
The initial status of the measurement mode is AUTO, upon turning the power ON.
1 Return to the Measurement screen.
2 Press on the control panel and change the measurement mode display to
Setting the Measuring Range
See page 33.
Alignment and Measurement
The alignment operation is controlled through the control lever.
For details about the adjustment of the machine body using the control lever, see
“Memo” on page 34.
If the result is a figure in parentheses or ERR, do the measurement again, making
sure the patient does not blink and eyelashes do not get in the outer alignment mark.
If OVER is displayed, switch the measuring range to 0-60 and do the measurement
Adjust the height of the automatic instrument table so that correct
measurement values can be obtained by allowing the patient to un-
dergo measurements in a comfortable position.
Make the patient relaxed so as to secure correct measurement val-
ues; make sure the patient does not hold his breath or remain tense.
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