Icons Prevention item Page
Do not measure the patient’s eye wearing a contact lens.
It may damage the patient’s cornea and other areas.
Tell the patient to remove the contact lens.
To avoid electrical shock, do not open the instrument.
Refer all servicing to qualified personnel.
To avoid electric shocks, do not remove the covers from the bottom
and top surfaces, TV monitor, measuring unit, etc.
To prevent shock hazard, do not allow water or other foreign matter
to enter into the instrument.
To avoid fire and electric shocks in case of tumbling, do not place a
cup or vessel containing water/fluid on the instrument.
To avoid electric shocks, do not insert objects or metals through the
vent holes or gaps or contain them inside the machine body.
To avoid electrical shock and fire, unplug the power cable before
removing the fuse cover. Additionally, be sure to replace the fuse
cover before plugging in the power cable.
Use only the attached fuses. Using other fuses may cause a fire.
Should any anomaly, such as smoke, occur, immediately switch
OFF the power source and unplug the power cable.
Continued use ignoring the condition may cause fire. Contact your
dealer for repair.
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