Connector Types
Input terminal: DIN 8-pin (TSC0838-01-2051, Hoshiden)
Output terminal: DSUB 9-pin (DE-9S-N, JAE)
I/O Terminal Pin Arrangement
Output terminal: DSUB 9-pin (Pin Nos.1 and 9 are not used.)
Pin No. Code Description I/O
2 RD (RXD) Data receiving I
3 SD (TXD) Data transmission O
4 ER (DTR) Data terminal ready O
5 SG (GND) Signal ground I/O
6 DR (DSR) Data set ready I
7 RS (RTS) Request transmission O
8 CS (CTS) Transmission ready I
Input terminal DIN 8-pin (Pin No.1 is not used.)
Pin No. Code Code Description I/O
2 SD (TXD) Data transmission I
3 RD (RXD) Data receiving O
4 RS (RTS) Request transmission O
5 CS (CTS) Transmission ready I
6 DR (DSR) Data set ready I
7 SG (GND) Signal ground I/O
8 ER (DTR) Data terminal ready I
Input terminalOutput terminal
Input terminal
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