Communication format Mode 5, STD 2:
Data Transmission
Model name, Type No. 15 byte
Machine No. 2 byte
ROM version 10 byte
ID No. 13 byte
Work ID No. 13 byte
Machine work ID No. 4 byte
Time/Date 20 byte
R (right eye) measurement data (3 times) and average value 24 byte
L (left eye) measurement data (3 times) and average value 24 byte
Average Value Displayed in Decimal Format
Average Value Displayed in Integer Format
For the Decimal Format, the “measurement value” points are similar to those in “Com-
munication Format Mode 1, 3”.
Contents of Data Receving
Data Receiving
Patient ID data 13 byte
Setting RS-232C Communication Conditions
In the Menu screen, move the cursor using the , keys on the control panel, and
press MEASUREMENT SWITCH . Further, move the cursor to an item to be changed on
the screen shown below, and press MEASUREMENT SWITCH . [SET→∗∗∗∗] is displayed
at the bottom of the screen. Change the setting using , . After changing, the set-
ting is registered by pressing MEASUREMENT SWITCH . After setting, move the cursor to
EXIT and press MEASUREMENT SWITCH to return to the Menu screen. For further de-
tails, see “RS-232C Input/Output Settings” on page 18.
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