Items of setting (5 items)
Machine No. (EQUIPMENT) Set value: 099. (For shipment, “1” is set.)
When more then one unit of inspection equipment
is installed in the same hospital, for example, data
can be controlled using these Machine Nos.
Input ID mode (ID MODE) Set value: 1 or 2 (For shipment, “1” is set.)
1. For inputting patients' ID numbers.
2. For inputting the temporary ID numbers of new
Work ID No. Set value: 09999 (For shipment, “0” is set.)
(WORK ID NO.) Desired serial numbers can be attached to measure-
ment results. The number is automatically added (1
at a time) each time the printing of data communica-
tion is performed.
Communication format Format: OFF, MODE 1, MODE 2, MODE 3, MODE 4,
(FORMAT) MODE 5, STD 1, STD 2 (For shipment, “OFF” is set.)
MODE 1: When is pressed, communication is done
after printing.
MODE 2: Data communication is done every measure-
MODE 3: When is pressed, communication is done
without printing.
MODE 4, MODE 5: When is pressed, communica-
tion is done without printing.
STD 1, STD 2: When is pressed, communica-
tion is done after printing.
Communication speed (SPEED) Baud rate: 2400, 9600 (bps) (For shipment,
2400bps is set.)
Under the RTS-CTS control, if no CS (CTS) signal is returned from the receiver side,
transmission can be canceled by pressing . Also, if no DR (DSR) signal is re-
turned, it is recognized as a communication failure and FAIL is displayed on the moni-
tor screen.
* Certain models may not export data of MODE5 & STD2. It indicates settings as
When Mode 1, 2 or 3 is set, data is transmitted automatically without confirmation
from the receiver side. When Mode 4, Mode 5, STD 1, STD 2 is set, communication is
controlled by RTS-CTS.
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