Daily Maintenance
This machine must be kept free of dust; apply the measuring window cap and dust
cover when not in use.
When not in use, turn the POWER SWITCH OFF.
Ordering Consumable Supplies
When placing an order for consumable supplies, tell your dealer the product name,
part code and quantity.
Name Code
Chinrest pad 40310 4082
Silicone cloth 31087 2007
Dust cover 42360 9002
Chinrest pad pin 42364 4021
Name Code
Applicator 41601 8606
Printer paper 44800 4001
Fuse 125V-3A-M 41801 5012
Fuse 250V-1.5A-M 42364 5313
Adjusting the Monitor Screen
Although the machine is adjusted for optimal screen conditions before shipment, a
screen readjustment may be required due to vibrations during transportation.
To adjust the contrast and brightness, move the BRIGHT/CONT. knobs after turning
them all the way to the right, as viewed from the operator.
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