Be sure to use the designated AC adapter for this instrument. The use of any AC adapter
which is not designated herein may result in failures. The input power voltage is AC 100V
to 240V, and its frequency is 50Hz or 60Hz.
Be sure to turn off the power switch before connecting/disconnecting the detector unit and/or
USB, AC adapter.
Do not bring any radio communication unit such as transceivers, etc. close to this instrument.
This may cause the readout to be unstable.
Do not use this instrument in an area with a lot of dust, very high humidity and possibly
corrosive gases.
Do not use this instrument in an area where the ambient temperature changes rapidly. This
instrument has a built-in temperature compensation circuit, but in some cases, stable
measurements may not be possible under an environment with a rapidly changing
Do not subject to strong shock caused by falling, etc. to this instrument, and do not use or
store the instrument in or on a place with continuous vibration. This instrument contains
precision components which may be damaged under such conditions.
The instrument can operate within a temperature range from 10C to +40C, but it is
delayed a little responding with the liquid crystal display panel when used in a range of
10C to +0C.
Do not store the instrument at a place having a temperature either of more than +60C or
less than -20C.
Remove the battery to avoid leakage and store the instrument when unused for a month or
When the detector window has got dirty, any measurement error may occur. Wipe off the
detector with a dry cloth.
The instrument case is made of plastic. Do not wipe with any chemicals (acetone, thinner,
etc.). Do not bring it near any place whose temperature exceeds 60C.
To maintain required measurement accuracy, calibrate this instrument at least once a year.
Contact your dealer or TOPCON TECHNOHOUSE to request a calibration test.
On calibration, the correction factors memorized in this instrument are deleted. Conduct
back-up recording of necessary measured data before requesting calibration.
When the power switch is turned on, the battery is consumed because the instrument
repeatedly conducts measurement for as long as the turning on the power. Please turn off
the power switch for power saving when you do not use it.
For energy saving, when the unit will not be used for an extended period of time, unplug the
power plug from the socket.
Keep the instrument away from water and liquid. This instrument is not water-resistant.
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