TOPCON accepts no responsibility for any damages resulting from fires, earthquakes,
deeds of any third party and other accidents, as well as damages caused by the users
intentional or negligent actions, erroneous usage and other usage of the instrument under
abnormal conditions.
TOPCON accepts no responsibility for any incidental damages such as loss of business
and discontinuance of business caused by use or out of commission of this instrument.
TOPCON accepts no responsibility for any damages caused by use other than that
instructed in the instruction manual.
TOPCON accepts no responsibility for any damages caused by erroneous equipment
behavior due to use in combination with other equipment or apparatus.
Conduct maintenance work only as instructed in this manual. Never conduct any other
maintenance work which is to be done by our service staff for safety and maintaining
performance. The following maintenance work can be carried out by the user. The details
of maintenance work are indicated in this manual.
Cleaning of body and detector window
Remove dirt on the body cover and detector window with a soft cloth with thin mild detergent,
and then wipe the detergent off with a dry, soft cloth.
When the detector unit has got dirty and got oil adhesion such as fingerprints, any
measurement error may occur. Wipe off the detector methodically.
Do not use solvents such as thinner, benzene or acetone. Such products may change the
surface color.
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