Avoid setting the instrument at heights at which the path of the laser may strike
pedestrians or drivers at head height. Operate the instrument with due caution to avoid
injuries that may be caused by the laser beam unintentionally striking a person in the eye.
Only those who have received training as per the following items shall use this product.
Read this manual for usage procedures for this product.
Hazardous protection procedures (read "LASER SAFETY INFORMATION")
Requisite protective gear (read "LASER SAFETY INFORMATION")
Accident reporting procedures (stipulate procedures beforehand for transporting
the injured and contacting physicians in case there are laser-induced injuries).
Persons working within the range of the laser beam are advised to wear eye protection
which corresponds to the laser wavelength of the instrument being used. (OD2)
Areas in which the laser is used should be posted with a standard laser warning sign.
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