RC-50 Nomenclature
Turn ON the power of the RL-SV1S before using the RC-50. Pressing one of the keys (or
inserting the battery) will display the channel search (CH SErCH) and begin transmission with
the RL-SV1S.
When the channel is not aligned with the RL-SV1S or when the RL-SV1S power is not turned
ON, the display will show "Transmission error with remote control" (p. 68). 12. ERROR
DISPLAY(p. 66), Setting channel (p. 48)
Auto-cut off function: The power will turn OFF automatically if no key is pressed for
approximately 6 minutes. (To resume, press one of the keys to display the channel search [CH
SErCH] and transmission with the RL-SV1S will begin.)
Enter key
X axis selection key/Alignment key/
Up key
Strap hole
Menu key/Escape key
Arrow keys
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