RL-SV1S/RC-50 Display
(Flashes one digit at a time
during auto leveling)
Sample display
X axis grade
Transmission and reception display Battery remaining
Y axis
Rotation speed
6: 600 rpm
3: 300 rpm
Transmits to the receiving instrument (RC-50
or RL-SV1S)
(Lights on until received by the receiving
Receives from the transmitting instrument
(Lights on until the transmitting instrument
transmits next time)
When transmission from the other instrument
is not possible
(Both marks will flash slowly until the next
Ample power for operation
Ample power for operation
Power remaining for operation*1)
Manual Mode display
Mask Mode display
Power remaining for operation
Near power depletion*2)
Power depletion, Laser will stop.
*1), *2) The laser speed will be 500 rpm.
(Battery power display for the RC-50 shows the remaining
battery level on the RC-50 remote controller.)
Dry cell battery type: Replace with new batteries.
Rechargeable battery type:
When connecting to AD-15 during
error display, turn OFF the power
and then turn the power back ON to
restore operation.
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