LS-80L Nomenclature
4.2 Level Sensor LS-80L
Beam receiving window
Turn the beam receiving window side
towards RL-SV1S to detect the laser
Buzzer sound switch
Volume of the sensor buzzer can be
alternately switched to
LOW/LOUD/OFF by pressing the switch.
On-Grade precision switch
Two on-grade precision options are
available, normal precision (±2mm)
and high precision (±1mm). By
pressing this switch, the precision
options are switched alternately.
Confirm the precision choice by the
indicator. (Normal precision is the
default setting each time the sensor
is turned on.)
Power switch
The power switch turns ON or OFF
by pressing.
Buzzer speaker
Indicator LS-80L Display (p. 17)
Detect the on-grade position "---" by moving
the LS-80L up and down. Directional arrows
and audio signals assist in locating the on-
grade position as the laser strikes the beam
receiving window. (Top of LS-80L is 40mm
(1 9/16") from on-grade index for offset
The indicators are located on front and back
sides of the instrument.
Auto-cut off function
The power will be turned off automatically if no laser beam is
detected for approximately 30 minutes. (To turn on the level sensor,
press the power switch again.)
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