How to remove dry cell batteries
1Remove the DB-74 battery holder by turning battery holder
knob to "OPEN" side.
2Remove the dry cell batteries from the DB-74 battery holder.
*1Replace all 4 batteries with new ones at the same time. Do not mix used and new batteries,
and do not mix different types of batteries together.
*2Use alkaline dry cells. (Dry cells for movement confirmation are packed in shipment.)
Nickel hydrogen dry cells and nickel cadmium dry cells can be used too, but the operating time
is different from the time of alkaline dry cells.
*3Generally, performances of dry cell deteriorate temporarily in low temperature, but recover in
normal temperature.
It is possible to remove the dry cell batteries from the DB-74 battery holder and use the battery
pack BT-74Q.
The DB-74 dry cell battery holder cannot be used to charge the BT-74Q Ni-MH battery pack.
Use the DB-74C charging battery holder instead.
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