When the instrument system detects a shock, this
function informs the operator of it.
When the instrument’s installation status (height) is
sharply changed by the contact of the operator or the
like, this function stops auto leveling to keep the
operation accuracy and informs the operator of the
After 10 minutes has passed since the auto leveling
function was activated and the laser beam was
emitted, this function works.
The height alert function will not operate while setting the dual axes grade in the Matching
Mode, or Manual Mode.
Height Alert ON/OFF (p. 50)
How to reset
1Turn off the power switch.
2Check whether the instrument is installed correctly.
3Turn on the power switch. Auto leveling starts again. After auto leveling is finished, the
laser beam is emitted.
4Make sure that the laser beam is set at the correct height. Then, restart the operation.
6.2 Height Alert Function
Shock is given to the instrument.
Height Alert Display
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