2Turn on power for the RL-SV1S and verify the staff height of Nail 1 and Nail 2 at grade
setting of 0% with LS-80L and record.
At this time the staff height for Nail 1 and Nail 2 should recorded as h1 and h2 (mm). Check
the LS-80L is set at high precision.
3Set X axis grade to +1.000%.
Align read the elevation of the laser beam in millimeters at Nail 1 and Nail 2.
Designate these elevations as “h3” at Nail 1, and “h4” at Nail 2.
4Using the elevation readings for h1, h2, h3 and h4, complete the equation below.
If the calculated result is the range of 0.990% - 1.010%, the instrument is normal.
If the calculated result for either axis is out of the range, contact your dealer or Topcon.
Repeat the procedure aligning the “Y” axis on the line created by Nail 1 and Nail 2.
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