Light source : Laser diode (Visible, 635nm)
Laser output : 2.4mW
Safety standard for laser beam : CDRH (FDA) Class IIIa, IEC Class 3R
Automatic correction range : Horizontal ±5°
Vertical ±5°
Grade setting range : X:±15%
Accuracy : Horizontal ±10"
Vertical ±10"
Manual slope settable range : ±5° (When the instrument is installed on the 0°surface)
The slope range is increased or decreased according to the tilt of the
surface on which the instrument is installed.
Line control during vertical rotation: ±5° (When the instrument is installed on the 0°surface)
Rotation speeds : 300/600rpm (Changeable)
Operating range :
Diameter Approx. 2m to 800m (rotation speed 600 r.p.m/Using with LS-80L)
Power supply/Operating time : 4 x D size dry cell batteries (alkaline)
Ni-MH battery pack BT-74Q (7000mAh)
Charging time : Approx. 13 hours (Using with AD-15)
Operating time : Approx. 120 hours(Using with alkaline manganese
dry battery / at +20° C (+68° F))
Approx. 65 hours (Using with Ni-MH battery pack
BT-74Q/ at +20° C (+68° F))
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