2About The Meter
2.4 FRONT OF THE METER(Continued)
In the Run Mode, this button will sequentially recall the previous setpoint settings. As
necessary, use the /MAX and /TARE buttons to alter these settings, then press the
SETPTS button to store new values.
Unless you press the SETPTS, /TARE, or /MAX button within 20 seconds, the meter
will scroll to setpoint 2 and then to the Run Mode.
If the dual relay option is not installed or if the L.3=1 on the LK.CF menu,
pressing the SETPTS button will display the meter's firmware version.
/MAX Button
In the Run Mode, this button will recall the PEAK reading since the last press of the
RESET button.
In the Configuration Mode, press this button to change the value of the flashing digit
shown on the display and/or toggle between menu choices, such as R.1=T or R.1=N on
RD.CF menu. When configuring your setpoint values, press the /MAX button to
advance the flashing digit's value from 0 to 9 by 1.
/TARE Button
In the Run Mode press the /TARE button to tare your reading (zeroing) if you
configure the Reading Configuration bit R.1=T of the RD.CF menu. If you configure
R.1=N , the /TARE button has no function.
In the Configuration Mode, press the this button to scroll to the next digit.
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