About The Meter 2
2.5 BACK OF THE METER (Continued)
Table 2-2. Connector Description
Connector Description
TB1-1 Setpoint 1: Normally open (N.O.1) connection
TB1-2 Setpoint 1: Normally closed (N.C.1) connection
TB1-3 Setpoint 1: Common (COM1) connection
TB1-4 Setpoint 2: Normally open (N.O.2) connection
TB1-5 Setpoint 2: Normally closed (N.C.2) connection
TB1-6 Setpoint 2: Common (COM2) connection
TB1-7 AC line connection (no connections on DC-powered units)
TB1-8 AC neutral connection (+ Input on DC-powered units)
TB1-9 AC earth ground (DC-power return on DC-powered units)
TB1-10 Analog voltage output
TB1-11 Analog current output
TB1-12 Analog return
TB2-1 -E: Negative excitation connection from meter (5, 10, 12 V)
TB2-2 +E: Positive excitation connection from meter (5, 10, 12 V)
TB2-3 +20 mA connection for analog input
TB2-4 Not used.
TB2-5 +24 V output connection
TB2-6 +S: Positive signal input
TB2-7 -S: Negative signal input and return for +20 mA or +24 V
TB2-8 Not used
TB5-1 Isolated Analog Voltage Output
TB5-2 Isolated Analog Current Output
TB5-3 Isolated Analog Output Return
J1 (1-2) Remote tare connection with a momentary switch
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