Table of Contents
Manual Objectives
This manual shows you how to set up and use the Programmable Digital Meter.
Standard Procedures:
* Checking voltage jumpers, or changing voltage power
* Mounting the panel
* Selecting the input type
* Selecting a decimal point position
* Scaling with known loads (on-line calibration)
* Scaling without known loads
* Enabling/disabling the front-panel tare
* Displaying the filtered/unfiltered input signal
* Selecting a display color
* Setting the setpoint's active band
* Selecting a latched or unlatched operation
* Setting setpoint deadbands
* Enabling/disabling setpoint changes
* Enabling/disabling the RESET button in the Run Mode
Optional Procedures:
* Setting input resolution
* Enabling/disabling analog output
* Selecting analog output as current or voltage
* Selecting analog output or proportional control
* Selecting proportional band
* Using manual reset (offsetting setpoint errors)
* Scaling analog output
For first-time users: Refer to the QuickStart Manual for basic operation and set-
up instructions.
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