4Configuring The Meter
4.3.2 Scaling Without Known Loads (Continued)
3. Determine IN1 & IN!2 input range and resolution. The example selects the 0 to
10 V range and 10 uV resolution (R.2=4 ).
Example: IN1 = (1 Volt) x (1000 cts/v) x (1.000) = 1000
IN!2 = (5 Volt) x (1000 cts/v) x (1.000) = 5000
RD1 = 0000
RD!2 = 2000
4. Press MENU button until the meter shows RD.S.O .
5. Press the
TARE button. The meter shows IN1 .
6. Press the
TARE button again, the meter shows the last Input 1 value, with the
fourth digit flashing.
7. Press the ß
ßMAX button to change the value of your digits.
8. Press the
TARE button to scroll horizontally to the next digit.
9. Press the MENU button to store this value. The meter shows RD1 .
10. Press the TARE button. The meter shows the last value for read 1.
Repeat steps 7, 8 and 9 until RD1 , IN!2 and RD!2 have been displayed, verified,
changed (if necessary) and stored.
Refer to Table 6-1 for a summary list of menu configuration.
You may use Reading Configuration RD.CF to configure your meter for the following:
To enable or disable the front panel tare
To set the input resolution of your meter
To display the filtered/unfiltered signal input value
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