4Configuring The Meter
Refer to Table 6-1 for a summary list of menu configuration.
Manual Reset M.RST is not active unless your meter has analog output and relay
capabilities. The menu will display whether analog output is present or not. This feature
allows you to offset the error that may occur with your setpoint. In order to determine the
amount of error, you must compare your display value to the Setpoint 1 value. The
difference between these two values (display - Setpoint 1) is the amount of error that you
may want to enter into Manual Reset M.RST . The value of M.RST must be less than
P.BND /2. Larger values will not be accepted and the meter will display ER4 (flashing).
1. Press the MENU button until M.RST displays.
This menu M.RST and P.BND will show up if 0.3=P on OT.CF.
2. Press the TARE button. The meter shows the last previously stored 4-digit
number (-1999 through 9999) with flashing 4th digit.
3. Press the ßMAX button to change the value of the flashing digit. If you continue to
press the ßMAX button, the flashing digit's value continues to change.
4. Press the TARE button to scroll to the next digit.
5. Press the MENU button to store your selection. STRD momentarily displays,
followed by RST (Reset).
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