WARNING: In some of the illustrations or photos used in this manual,
panels or guards may have been removed for demonstration purposes.
Never operate the vehicle with any panels or guards removed. If the
removal of panels or guards is necessary to make a repair, these
MUST be replaced before operation.
WARNING: Always check that any suspended vehicle attachments are
lowered to the ground before beginning repair or maintenance work
on a vehicle.
WARNING: Vehicle and implement parts can become hot during oper-
ation and may be under pressure. Refer to vehicle manuals.
WARNING: Wear appropriate protective clothing for the task being
undertaken and conditions.
WARNING: Do not operate equipment around explosive equipment or
WARNING: Topcon is committed to good environmental performance
and minimizes the use of any potentially harmful substances in its
products. However, it is always advisable not to handle damaged elec-
tronic equipment. This Topcon product may contain a sealed lithium
battery. Always dispose of any electronic equipment thoughtfully and
Exposure to Radio Frequency
Exposure to energy from radio frequencies is an important safety issue. Keep a
distance of at least 20 cm (7.8 inches) between people and any radiating antenna.
Keep a distance of at least 20 cm between transmitting antennas.
WARNING: Products using cellular modem or an RTK base station
can transmit radio frequency energy. Check with your dealer.
This device is designed to operate with TPA approved antennas. Discuss with your
Preparation for Operation
lRead and understand this manual and learn all of the controls before you use
the equipment.
lKeep the manual with the equipment.
lIf the equipment is moved to another vehicle, move the manual as well.
lRead the manual for the vehicle with which the equipment will be used and
check that the vehicle has the correct equipment required by local regulations.
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