lMake sure you understand the speed, brakes, steering, stability, and load
characteristics of the vehicle before you start.
lCheck all controls in an area clear of people and obstacles before starting work.
lIdentify possible hazards.
WARNING: Topcon equipment must not be used by an operator
affected by alcohol or drugs. Seek medical advice if using prescription or
over-the-counter medication.
Topcon accepts no responsibility or liability for damages to property, personal
injuries, or death resulting from the misuse or abuse of any of its products.
Further, Topcon accepts no responsibility for the use of Topcon equipment or the
GNSS signal for any purpose other than the intended purpose.
Topcon cannot guarantee the accuracy, integrity, continuity, or availability of the
GNSS signal.
The operator must ensure that the equipment is correctly turned off when not in use.
Before operating any vehicle equipped with Topcon products, read and understand
the following product specific safety precautions.
Important Safety Information
Operator Alertness and Responsibility
The console helps the operator to steer the vehicle, but the operator remains in charge
and must be alert and in complete control of the vehicle at all times. The operator is
ultimately responsible for safe operation of this equipment.
It is essential that safety requirements are met when operating the console and any of
its components. All operators and other relevant personnel must be advised of safety
Electrical Safety
WARNING: Incorrectly connected power can cause severe injury and
damage to people or the equipment.
When working with electrical components, you must do the following:
lMake sure the negative terminal of the battery is disconnected before doing any
welding on the vehicle.
lCheck that all power cables to system components are connected to the correct
polarity as marked. Please refer to the vehicle manual for safety information.
lCheck that equipment is grounded in accordance with installation instructions.
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