Operation and Risk of Obstacles
The following list is not exhaustive or limited. To use the console for assisted
steering along a defined wayline, the operator must ensure that it is used:
lAway from people and obstacles
lAway from high voltage power lines or other overhead obstructions (identify
any clearance problems before activating the console)
lOn private property without public access
lWithin cleared fields
lOff public roads or access ways.
Note that:
lThe operator needs to know the vehicle’s position and the field conditions at
all times.
lThe operator will need to respond if the GNSS satellite or differential
correction signal is lost momentarily.
lThe console cannot detect obstacles (people, livestock or other).
lOnly use the console in areas that are clear of obstacles and keep a proper
lSteering needs to be disengaged for manual control if an obstacle appears in
the path or the vehicle moves away from the wayline.
On/Off and Manual Control
WARNING: Ensure the steering switch is Off to prevent unintentional
engagement of the assisted steering. When repairing or maintaining
the vehicle/implement, ensure the vehicle CANNOT be moved. Dis-
engage steering, apply brakes and remove keys.
The operator must ensure that the steering switch is Off (all LED indicators are
off) when assisted steering is not being used.
The operator must disengage assisted steering and use manual control if an
obstacle is in the line of travel or moves into the line of travel, or if the vehicle
steers away from the desired wayline.
To disengage assisted steering:
lTurn the steering wheel a few degrees OR
lSelect the Disengage Auto Steering button on the console AND/OR
lIf using an external steering switch, disengage using the switch if the above
actions do not disengage assisted steering.
Vehicle Shut Down Safety
Before leaving the vehicle, disengage assisted steering, disengage external steering
switch if this is being used, and remove the key from the key switch.
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