Using a Reference (Base) Station
WARNING: Do not move a reference station while in operation. Moving
an operating reference station can interfere with the controlled steering
of a system using the reference station. This could result in personal
injury or damage to property.
Operators and other affected personnel must be advised of the following safety
lDo not erect the reference station under or within the vicinity of high voltage
power lines.
lWhen using the portable reference station, make sure that the tripod is securely
To Get the Best Out of the Product
Back up data regularly. The console has large, but limited storage capacity. Use the
Diagnostics Mini-view to view capacity available. A warning screen displays if
storage is reaching its limit.
Be aware of file format compatibility. Discuss compatible formats with the dealer.
Topcon Agricultural Products are hardy and designed to work in tough conditions.
However, if equipment is unused for a length of time, store away from water and
direct heat sources.
Alert Symbols
In this manual two alert symbols are used:
Note:This offers additional information.
WARNING: A warning signal appears on safety signs and in this
manual to show that this information is very important to your safety.
LEARN these and APPLY them.
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