Chapter 1 – Introduction
The Athene spreader controller is an ISOBUS UT-compliant
monitoring and application control system for self-propelled / trailed
belt spreaders spreading lime / granular materials. Forward speed
measurement and cutout sensing enables full proportional control, to
maintain (within limits) a set application irrespective of changes in
forward speed.
Shown is a typical retrofitted system (that is independent from the
tractor ISOBUS). Some installations will have minor variations, but
the key components are the Console, Spreader ECU, Loadcell ECU
and load cells.
Forward speed sensing may be performed via a GPS VTG message,
or optionally by a magnetic sensor measuring wheel or propshaft
rotation (fitted to the tractor / self-propelled spreader or trailed
spreader). There is no physical master cutout switch. The master
on/off switch is ‘virtual’ (a softkey on the Athene operation screen).
The system may be fitted with or without load cells.
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