2.2. Setting up a new implement
front mount
double pivoted (tow between)
A message displays stating that the console will restart once the
implement has been created.
A default name for the implement is displayed.
Note: It is highly recommended that items are named in a
thoughtful and structured way to allow easy use in future seasons.
4. To change the default name, select IMPLEMENT NAME and
enter the new name, then confirm.
The New Implement Setup wizard displays.
5. Select IMPLEMENT CONTROL, select Section Control and
Rate Control, confirm and select next..
6. Select ECU TYPE, select ISOBUS, confirm and select next.
7. Select IMPLEMENT FUNCTION, select Spreader, confirm and
select next.
8. Select ECUASSIGNMENT, select SM-1 and select next, then
to confirm.
The ECUSetup screen is displayed.
9. The ECU name SM-1 should be displayed in the table. If not,
press REFRESH ECU SETTINGS to trigger the ECU to
communicate with the console.
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