3.3. Athene primary screens
3.3. Athene primary screens
Athene has three primary screens: Main, Totals and Spreader Settings.
1. Press to cycle between the primary screens.
Note: The appearance of the screens will vary depending on the
selections made on the ISOBUS UT setup screen. Refer to Enabling
ISOBUS, page 4.
3.3.1. Main screen
The main screen displays job information. The buttons and
information displayed varies depending which settings are selected /
Main screen buttons
Pre-start. Starts the floor (belt) moving when there is no
forward speed to ensure good coverage at the beginning of a
run (see Setting up pre-start, page 33).
Master on / off. Note: This does not simultaneously activate /
deactivate coverage as indicated on the guidance screen.
Coverage is independently activated / deactivated using the
console master switch / .
Rate control mode.
Full automatic mode proportional to forward speed. The
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