Chapter 3 – Athene Setup
3.7. Setting up pre-start
Pre-start is used to start the floor moving when there is no forward
speed. This ensures that there is good coverage at the start of each run,
and that irrespective of how the product has been loaded, the spreader
does not have to start moving until a suitable amount of product has
reached the spinners.
1. From the Spreader Settings screen, select Pre-Start .
Pre-start mode
AUTO mode: Pre-start is automatically triggered when the spreader is
switched into work. This removes the need to push the button at the
start of each load.
MAN mode: Pre-start is activated manually by pressing on the
main screen.
Default = MAN
Pre-start time
The duration pre-start will run before stopping the floor if there is no
forward speed movement. This should be long enough to ensure that
product is being spread but also so that there is a smooth transition
between pre-start and starting to move forward. An average pre-start
time is 8-10 seconds.
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