3.11. Setting up forward speed
3.11. Setting up forward speed
1. From the Spreader Settings screen, select General Setup /
Speed Factor.
There are four preset options for the forward speed signal:
l(0): Magnetic sensor (1 pulse per rev)
l(1): Magnetic sensor (2 pulses per rev)
l(2): Radar sensor (0.00778 metres per pulse)
l(3): GPS (NMEA VTG message)
With the exception of option (3), the factors can be manually edited if
required. However if options (0), (1) or (2) are selected, it is
recommended to perform an ‘Autocal’ routine.
3.11.1. SSF Autocal
The Speed Sensor Factor (SSF) is the distance traveled forward in the
time between two pulses from the forward speed sensor. In the case of
magnetic sensor options (1) and (2), this could be calculated based on
the nominal tire diameter or rolling distance and then entered
manually. However this does not take into account wheel slip,
compaction, or tire deformation under practical operating conditions.
1. Mark a set distance of 100 metres by suitable means. The surface
should be representative of the average field conditions (i.e. not a
paved surface).
2. Position the vehicle with the first marker level with a suitable
reference point on the vehicle.
3. From the Spreader Settings screen, select General Setup /
SSF Auto Cal and then follow the screen instructions.
4. Stop the vehicle when the second marker lines up with the pre-
determined reference point on the vehicle and press to end the
Auto Cal procedure. The Speed Sensor Factor is automatically re-
calculated and stored in memory.
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