4.2. Performing calibration (with or without load cells)
The system will run the belt for that much product and can then
be calibrated once this has been weighed. The greater the volume
of product dispensed for calibration, the greater the accuracy.
4. Press to switch the spreader on.
5. Press to start the calibration. The belt will start running,
based on the Average Working Speed entered during the
calibration procedure.
The display then counts up the theory weight (the weight the
Athene has calculated based on the calibration factors entered in
step 3), and the live weight (the weight as measured by the load
The belt will automatically stop when the theory weight is
6. Press to switch the spreader off.
7. Press to continue.
8. If metering out a smaller weight that can be lifted by scales, enter
the weight that has been measured into the weight entry page. For
smaller weights, such as 40 kg, it is advised not to use the live
load cell weight for this calibration.
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