Chapter 4 – Calibration
4.4. Static mode calibration
The calibration factor is calculated by doing a 'Static Test' routine. This
factor remains the same throughout subsequent spreading until either
manually adjusted, or another static test is done. Static calibration
assumes that the product density will be consistent, therefore results
may not be as accurate as with dynamic calibration.
To perform a calibration in Static mode:
1. From the Spreader Settings screen, select Weight Setup /
Static Test.
2. While stationary, press enter to start the test.
The weight in the hopper is measured. The system then calculates
the distance that must be driven, based on application rate and
spread width set, until the hopper weight decreases to a pre-set
3. Start spreading until prompted to stop.
4. Press enter to measure the weight and calculate the new
calibration factor, which is then displayed.
5. Press enter to confirm, and then ESC to return to the Main
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