5.3. Variable rate control
5.3. Variable rate control
Before use, Variable Rate Control (VRC) must be set up with a
controller and must be enabled on the Setup screen (System /
Features /Implement ).
Select to enable or disable the VRC Map display on the
guidance screen.
5.3.1. If using VRC maps
There are three ways to perform VRC:
lImporting prescription maps (shapefiles and ISO XML files) into
created jobs using the VRC import wizard.
lUsing real-time sensor data from nitrogen sensors mounted on the
tractor (for example: Topcon CropSpec).
lUsing Task Data based prescription maps.
The following instructions describe the first two methods. If using
task data, refer to AGA4084 Guidance Manual.
Both shapefiles (.shp) and ISO XML files (.xml) may be imported
into created jobs. Note that only the prescription map portion of the
data is used if .xml files are imported.
1. Select a client / farm / field.
2. Create a new job.
3. Select Job Menu /Configure Variable Rate Control
4. Select next at step 1 of the VRC Configuration wizard.
5. Select the rate source(s) for the VRC and select next. The possible
options are:
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