5.3. Variable rate control
lSelect next.
6. If ISOXML was selected in step 2, select the task that you wish
to run. The file may have several tasks listed. Select the task that
matches the implement that is hooked up.
7. Select next.
Source and Attributes must now be assigned to channels.
lChannel: The tank or bin that is being controlled.
lSource: The source of the prescription map for that channel.
The list of files that were selected earlier on will appear here or
you can also select a live source like CropSpec or Yara.
lAttribute: One of the properties in the shape file or ISOXML
file or the sensor output from CropSpec. The same shape file
may have multiple attributes to define the rates for more than
one tank so this allows the operator to map the prescription to
the appropriate tank.
lRescale: This column defaults to 1, which means that the
prescription defined in the source will be used directly.
However, depending on weather conditions, the operator may
choose to increase or decrease the rate of application. This
allows a uniform increase for all defined rates. For example, a
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