Type Approval and Safety Regulations
Type approval may be required in some countries to license the use of transmitters
on certain band frequencies. Check with local authorities and your dealer.
Unauthorized modification of the equipment may void that approval, the warranty
and the license to use the equipment.
The receiver contains an internal radio-modem. This can potentially send signals.
Regulations vary between countries, so check with the dealer and local regulators
for information on licensed and unlicensed frequencies. Some may involve
Radio and Television Interference
This computer equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio-frequency energy.
If it is not installed and used correctly in strict accordance with TOPCON
Precision Agriculture instructions, it may cause interference with radio
You can check if interference is being caused by this equipment by turning the
Topcon equipment off to see if the interference stops. If the equipment is causing
interference to a radio or other electronic device, try:
lTurning the radio antenna until the interference stops
lMoving the equipment to either side of the radio or other electronic device
lMoving the equipment farther away from the radio or other electronic device
lConnecting the equipment to another circuit that is not linked to the radio.
To reduce potential interference operate the equipment at the lowest gain level that
will allow successful communication.
If necessary contact your nearest Topcon Precision Agriculture dealer for
Note:Changes or modifications to this product not authorized by TOPCON
Precision Agriculture could void the EMC compliance and negate authority to
operate the product.
This product was tested for EMC compliance using Topcon Precision Agriculture
peripheral devices, shielded cables and connectors. It is important to use Topcon
Precision Agriculture devices between system components to reduce the possibility
of interference with other devices
General Safety
DANGER: It is essential that the following information and the
product specific safety information is read and understood.
Most incidents arising during operation, maintenance and repair are caused by a
failure to observe basic safety rules or precautions. Always be alert to potential
hazards and hazardous situations.
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