E. Simulating Current
The PCL1000 can act as a two-wire transmitter and control a 4-20mA loop
from the external power supply for that loop.
1. Select the mA “2W” output mode.
2. Connect the device as shown in figure 5.
3. Enter the desired output.
Figure 5.
F. Sourcing Voltage/Resistance/Frequency
1. Select the proper operation mode: volts, ohms, frequency.
2. Connect device under test as shown.
3. In the resistance or frequency modes use the “Range” key to choose the
desired range for the mode you’re operating in.
4. The PCL1000 is capable of driving up to ±1 mA on the Voltage and
Frequency ranges and is able to handle up to a 3 mA excitation on the
Resistance Simulation Range. Exceeding these limits will result in a warn-
ing on the display.
Figure 6.
Note:The frequency output is a 5 Volt square wave with –.1 volt offset
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