G. Sourcing a Thermocouple Signal
TC wire must be used to achieve an accurate calibration.
Figure 7.
Note: For best accuracy allow a 10 minute warm-up period after the
PCL1000 is turned on.
H. Measuring Temperature Using a Thermocouple
Figure 8.
I. Measuring Resistance (RTDs)
When measuring resistance (ohms) there are 3 choices when using the
PCL1000; 2-wire, 3-wire, and 4-wire. While 4-wire offers the highest accura-
cy, most industrial RTDs are a balance 3-wire. Figure 9. shows how to hook
up the PCL1000 for the 3 types of measurements.
1. Choose the desired RTD/ohms range by first pressing the “TC/RTD” key
to get into the RTD mode. Then use the “Range” key to select the desired
range within the RTD mode.
2. Make sure the PCL1000 is in the Input Mode (Note: that it will indicate 2,
3, or 4W in the upper left corner of the LCD).
To set the desired wire configuration use the “Up/Down arrow” keys to
toggle through the 2, 3, and 4 wire modes.
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