1. Introduction
The PCL1000 is designed to be a versatile, easy to use multi-function cali-
brator with a simple user interface. The following instructions will allow the
user to begin simple calibration tasks by learning the basic operation of the
keys and their functions.
1.1 Customer Service
OMEGA Engineering
Tel: (203) 359-1660
Fax: (203) 359-7811
email: cservice@omega.com
1.2 Unpacking
Remove the packing list and verify that all equipment has been received. If
there are any questions about the shipment please call OMEGA at 1-800-
826-6342. When the shipment is received inspect the container and
equipment for any signs of damage. Note any evidence of rough handling
in transit. Immediately report any damage to the shipping agent.
Note : The carrier will not honor any claims unless all shipping material is
saved for their examination. After examining and removing contents, save
packing material and carton in the event reshipment is necessary.
1.3 Safety information
Symbols Used
The following table lists the International Electrical Symbols. Some or all of
these symbols may be used on the instrument or in this manual.
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