2. Quick Start Instructions
A. Key Functions
Key Function
Input/Output Toggles the function selected from measurement mode to
source mode.
V/mA/Hz Selects between volts, milliamps, and frequency modes
TC/RTD Selects between temperature modes either T/C or RTD.
Ohms and mV ranges are also included in these functions.
Ranges/Units This key toggles through all the ranges for a chosen func-
tion. Example: If T/C mode is selected the Range key tog-
gles through the ranges J, K, T, E, etc.
0-9 keys These keys allow a user to enter an output value. Example:
to output 20 mA select mA output and Press the “2” key
then the “0” key followed by the “ENTER” key.
Arrow ↑↓ These keys allow small changes to be made to an output
value. Press either the up or the down arrow key to set the
value as desired.
CE The clear entry key allows the user to clear a value before
the enter key is pressed.
Shift This key has a blue text color and acts as a second func-
tion key to all keys that have an associated second func-
tion. Features such as setpoints, °F/°C, backlight and
external pressure module activation all use the Shift key.
B. Setpoints
1. Storing Setpoints
The setpoint mode allows up to 9 setpoints to be stored in non-voli-
tile memory for each range. The procedure is as follows:
a. Set the output to the desired value.
b. Press shift followed by the “SET” key.
c. Choose the desired setpoint storage location by pressing a key (1-9).
d. Enter a new value and repeat steps 1 thru 3 as needed, up to 9
setpoints for each range can be stored.
2. Recalling Setpoints
a. To recall a setpoint, press shift followed by the”SPT” key.
b. You will be prompted to enter the number of the desired setpoint
location stored previously.
c. Press the desired location number and the unit will go to that output.
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