3. Automated Stepping
The PCL1000 can auto-step through some or all of the stored set-
points for a given range. The procedure is as follows:
a. Press “Shift” followed by auto.
b. “Auto SPT ?” will appear. Enter the ending setpoint location.
Example: if you have all 9 setpoints stored but only want to step
through the first 3 then enter “3” for this question.
c. The next screen prompts you to enter the dwell time from 5 to 500
seconds. Simply enter a number in that range. Then press the
“Enter” key.
d. Auto-step will begin.
e. To exit auto-step press “CE” key or enter a value.
4. Manual Stepping
The PCL1000 can be manually stepped through all or some of the
stored setpoints. The procedure is as follows:
a. Press “Shift” followed by “Man”.
b. Using the arrow keys, toggle up and down through the stored set-
c. To exit press CE or simply enter a new output value.
5. Pressure Module Interface
The PCL1000 has the capability to interface with a family of pressure
modules available from OMEGA. The procedure is as follows:
a. Connect the pressure module to the 15 pin “D” connector on top
of the PCL1000.
b. Press “Shift” followed by the “ ” key.
c. Always zero the pressure module before starting a calibration.
Press “Shift” followed by the “Zero” key.
Note: More detailed information can be found with the instructions packaged
with each module.
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