The Probe includes a stainless steel mounting sleeve, commonly called a thermocouple
mount. It has a tapered male ¾-inch NPT pipe thread. The female mating fitting, user-
supplied, should be mounted in a gas-tight manner to a flat surface of a duct or
chamber wall containing the gas to be measured.
To install the mount and Probe:
1. Separate the two parts of the mounting sleeve.
2. Screw the front portion of the mounting sleeve (the tapered NPT fitting) into the
pre-mounted mating fitting. Teflon™ tape may be used for a good seal. Do not
3. Insert the Probe into the rear portion, and screw this part of the mount into the
previously mounted front portion, so that the Probe is gripped snugly. Do not
over-tighten. As much of the Probe as possible should protrude inside the area
to be measured, to avoid possible laminar flow errors.
If the optional sample chamber is to be used, simply screw it down to any flat surface,
and connect ¼ inch OD tubing to the inlet and outlet compression fittings.
Figure 3-1, System with Sample Cell, ready for mounting
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