Although the Probe may be used as a stand-alone measuring device (HX85), it also
may be connected to the type DIS remote display unit, for additional capability. This
combination is called the HX86. A complete HX86 system consists of the Probe, the
interconnecting 6 foot (1.8 meter) cable, and the electronics module. Outputs of the unit
include a Serial Port, two Alarm Relays and three 4 to 20 mA Analog Outputs. A two-
line LCD Digital Display is also included.
Figure 4-2 is a basic block diagram of the complete Humidity, Temperature and
Pressure measuring system. The remote Probe is connected, via the attached cable, to
the electronics module. The system is completely controlled by the microprocessor in
this module.
The three sets of analog voltage outputs from the Probe are routed through the Analog
Scaling and Selection stage. The scaling of these output signals may be programmed
by the user to any desired range by using the RS232 Serial Port. The bi-directional
RS232 is brought out to a connector in the electronics module. The user can also
program the two Alarm Relay set points via this digital interface. The built-in LCD
Digital Display, which provides information on all measured parameters, is also
controlled by the microprocessor. In addition, the microprocessor is used to calculate
other parameters than those directly measured by the sensors in the Probe. These may
be shown on the Digital Display, and they are also available on both the analog and
digital (RS232) outputs. The Alarm Relays may also be set for these calculated values.
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