“C”. You can then select the parameter to insert by cycling through the options using
the Space Bar. In this case, we will change VALUE 1, the Dew Point reading, from
DPoC to DPoF. Press Enter to save your change and advance to the next value. Next,
do the same for Air Temperature. When completed, press Enter again to save and
advance. For this example, we will choose not to
change the %RH value. Instead, press “X” for eX)it.
When programming is completed, press “A” to
accept the changes.
The next window to be seen will be the Output
Settings screen. Here, you can modify the 4 to 20
mA Analog Output ranges. To enter this mode,
press “C” for C)hange. You will see the Set Output
screen shown here.
To change Output 1, select “1”. You will see
this screen, which shows the present settings
for Output 1.
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