The HX80 Series is a family of humidity probes and electronic modules that offer a
variety of measurement parameters with high accuracy. In addition to Percent Relative
Humidity (%RH), probes are available to also measure Temperature and Pressure.
Electrical analog and digital outputs are provided for not only these measured
parameters, but may be provided for microprocessor- computed parameters as well.
These include parts-per-million by volume (ppmv), parts-per-million by weight (ppmw),
grains of water per pound of dry gas (gr/lb), and others.
The HX80 system is designed for ease of installation and operation. Field-replaceable
sensor modules have standardized outputs for interchangeability without recalibration.
The power requirement is a common unregulated DC power supply. User-available
electrical outputs include linear analog voltage (or optional current), a digital bi-
directional serial port, and alarm relays. Mounting options include Wall Mount, Remote
Mount, and Duct Mount configurations. Additional options include high temperature and
high pressure probes. A remote or local Display Unit (Type DIS) is available, with a
two-line LCD display, alarm relays, and three 4 to 20 mA electrical outputs.
Figure 3-1 Some of the Available HX80 Configurations
a. Stand-alone Probe
b. Remote Mount with Display
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