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The battery powered strobe has internal rechargeable batteries. The
unit should be charged before use. This model can operate continuously
in excess of 60 minutes at 6000 flashes per minute from fully charged
batteries. The strobe has a protection feature that prevents the strobe
from operating if the battery voltage is low. This condition is indicated
by no flash and the display shows LO BAT. At this time the batteries
must be recharged. The actual operating time of the stroboscope
depends on the flash rate and duty cycle of operation. Slower flash
rates increase the operating time.
To charge the battery powered strobe with the charger, the trigger must
be OFF (released). Plug the charger cable into the socket located below
the display panel, and behind the handle. Then plug the charger into
the mains wall outlet. The unit may be left on charge overnight and it
requires 14 hours to charge fully from a low battery condition. The unit
starts with a fast charge that will restore 90% of the battery capacity in
approximately 3 hours. Once the fast charge mode is completed, the
unit will enter the float charge mode (indicated by all the chevrons on
the display coming on) and the stroboscope can be used at this time.
The unit may be recharged at any time. You do not need to wait until
the low battery condition is indicated. The strobe should not be left
on the charger for more than 36 hours at a time.
1.3 Input / Output Connections
The strobe has input and output jacks on the left side of the stroboscope.
These can be used for external triggering or synchronization (daisy
chaining two or more strobes). These jacks accept 1/8" (3.5mm) phone
plugs (input - stereo, output - mono). The jacks outer connection (barrel)
is common and the inner or center connection is the signal. The input
jack also has a middle
connection which
provides power to an
input sensor. The input
and output are TTL
The input jack is the
one with the arrowhead
pointing toward it ("
closest to the black
knob) and enables an
external signal to
Figure 1
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5.4 Fuse
There is a 5 x 20mm fuse inside the unit. It may be accessed by removing
the lens and reflector - refer to section 5.1. Replace only with a fuse of
the same type and value. Under normal operating conditions, the fuse
should never blow.
Battery Powered:
Slow Blow - 3.15A fuse
AC Powered:
Fast Blow - 750mA fuse
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