Before taking a measurement your personal data must be entered.
If GUEST is used, you will need to enter your personal data prior to taking
the measurement. Refer to page 14, Setting the Personal Data.
1. Press the On/Off button.
All display symbols appear for approximately one second. The display symbols
disappear and the GUEST symbol starts to flash.
2. Select your Personal Data Option.
2a. Press the Set button for Guest. Enter your personal data.
2b. Press the Up button to select your Personal Profile Number.
The indicator appears on the screen.
3. Stand with both feet slightly apart.
4. Place both hands on the monitor by holding the
grip electrodes.
Wrap your middle finger around the groove of the
handle. Place the palm of your hand on the top and
the bottom electrodes. Put your thumbs up, resting
on the top of the monitor as illustrated.
NOTE: The electric resistance may not be measured
correctly in the following cases:
Your fingers
are apart from
the grips.
Your hands are unevenly
positioned toward the
top or bottom of
the electrodes.
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