Recommended times for taking a measurement
Understanding the normal changes in your body fat percentage can help you in preventing
or reducing obesity. Being aware of the times when the body fat percentages shift within
your own daily schedule will assist you in obtaining an accurate trending of your body
fat. It is recommended to use the Fat Loss Monitor in the same environment and daily
circumstances for each measurement. (See chart)
When To Avoid Taking A Measurement
If a measurement is made under the following physical conditions, the measured body fat
percentage may differ significantly from the actual one because the water content in the
body is changing:
• After drinking a large amount of water or after a meal (1 to 2 hours)
• After drinking alcohol
• Immediately after vigorous exercise
• Immediately after a bath or sauna
Daily activities
Waking up
Taking a bath
(Avoid measurement
immediately after bathing.)
or eating dinner
Going to bed
2 hours
2 hours
2 hours
After waking up
Before lunch and about 2 hours or
more after breakfast
In the afternoon about 2 hours or
more after lunch and before taking 
a bath or eating dinner
Before going to bed and about 2
hours or more after dinner
Recommended time
Recommended time
Recommended time
Recommended time
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