Time and Date Functions
Viewing the
Time and Date
Master Code+[#] + [6] [3], or if programmed, press the designated function key.
The system lets you view its time and date setting.
The display remains on for about 30 seconds.
To Set the
Time and Date
Master Code+[#] + [6] [3], then press [] while the time/date is displayed.
A cursor appears under the first digit of the hour.
NOTE: To move cursor ahead, press []. To go back, press [#].
Enter the 2-digit hour setting; enter the 2-digit minute setting.
Enter the last two digits of the current year.
Enter the 2-digit month setting (01-12); enter the 2-digit day setting (01-31).
Press [] to accept the settings and continue.
The Clock Adjustment prompt is displayed. This prompt lets you add or subtract up to 59 seconds per
day, if needed, to keep the real-time clock accurate.
Press [0] to add seconds per day, or press [1] to subtract seconds per day.
Enter the desired number of seconds per day (01-59) to add or subtract.
Press [] to accept the settings and exit. This mode automatically exits after 10 seconds.
Event Log
The system records up to 254 events in a history log, which can be viewed by the master user using an Alpha Display keypad.
To view the Master Code+ [#] + [6] [0]
Event Log The system displays the most recent event as follows:
001 E441 U001 P1 Pressing [] displays previous events (back in time).
13:38 21/06/02 Pressing [#] displays events forward in time.
event number, type of event, identified by its corresponding code, displayed in chronological order, from
most recent to oldest.
zone or user number (depending on type of event), partition in which event occurred,
time and date of the event’s occurrence.
When the log is full, the oldest event is replaced by the logging of any new event.
Refer to the Event Log Codes Table below for the meanings of the various codes.
Exit Event Log Press any key other than [] or [#]
Event Log Codes Table
Code Definition
110 Fire Alarm
121 Duress
122 Alarm, 24-hour Silent
123 Alarm, 24-hour Audible
131 Alarm, Perimeter
132 Alarm, Interior
134 Alarm, Entry/Exit
135 Alarm, Zone Type 5
143 Alarm, Expansion Module
144 Sensor Tamper Alarm
145 ECP Module Cover Tamper Alarm
146 Silent Burglary Alarm
150 Alarm, 24-Hour Auxiliary/Monitor zone
162 Gas Alarm
301 AC Power
302 Low System Battery/Battery Test Fail
305 System Reset (Log only)
321 Siren Supervision Failure
333 Trouble, Expansion Mod. Supervision
341 Trouble, ECP Cover Tamper
344 RF Receiver Jam
351 Telecom Line Fault
353 Alternative Comm. Media Trouble
354 Failure to Communicate (log only)
373 Fire Loop Trouble
374 Exit Error Alarm
380 Trouble Zone Type 5
381 RF Supervision Trouble
382 Supervision Auxiliary Wired Zone
(sent after code 333 is sent)
383 RF Sensor Tamper and Double-Balanced
Zone Tamper
384 RF Sensor Low-battery
393 Clean Me (ESL smoke detectors only)
Code Definition
401 Disarmed, Armed AWAY,
403 Schedule Arm/Disarm AWAY
406 Cancel by User
407 Remote Arm/Disarm (Downloading)
408 Quick Arm AWAY
409 Keyswitch Arm/Disarm AWAY
412 Successful Download/Access
441 Disarmed/Armed STAY/INSTANT,
442 Keyswitch Arm/Disarm STAY
461 Wrong Code Entry (keypad lockout activated)
570 Bypass
601 Manually Triggered Dialer Test
602 Periodic Dialer Test
606 Audio Alarm Verification (AAV) to Follow
607 Walk Test Entered/Exited
623 Event Log 80% Full
625 Real-Time Clock was Changed (log only)
626 Time/Date Inaccurate
627 Program Mode Entry (log only)
628 Program Mode Exit (log only)
750 -
Reserved for Configurable Zone Type report
codes (check with central station when using
these codes)
801 Override Tamper Arming (log only)
802 Override Low Battery Arming (log only)
803 Override AC Loss Arming (log only)
804 Override Supervision Fail Arming (log only)
999 Non-Alarm Zone Type (Zone Type 23) Fault
(log only)
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