Security Codes and Authority Levels
You can assign different security codes for use by other users.
Rules for
Only the System and Partition Masters can assign user codes to users and change user partitions.
User code programming involves these steps:
1. Choose a user number from the set of users assigned to the partition in which the user will be
operating, and assign a 4-digit security code.
2. Assign an authority level to that user.
3. Assign other attributes as necessary.
NOTE: The factory settings are designed to meet most normal user situations. Therefore, the only step
you usually need to do when adding users is to assign a user number (from the partition’s pre-assigned
user numbers) and a security code.
Authority Levels (define the system functions a particular user can/cannot perform)
Level Title Explanation
N/A System Master Reserved for user 02; Can perform all system functions and assign codes in
(default = 1234) all partitions; can change its own code as follows:
Master code + [8] + 02 + new master code + new master code again
0 Standard User: Can only perform security functions in assigned partition. Cannot perform other system functions.
1 Arm Only: Can only arm the system. Cannot disarm or do other functions.
2 Guest: Can arm the system in assigned partitions, but cannot disarm the system unless the system was
armed with this code. This code is typically assigned to someone (e.g., babysitter or cleaner) who
has a need to arm/disarm the system only at certain times. The user of this code should not use
the “Quick Arming” feature.
3 Duress Code: Intended for use when you are forced to disarm or arm the system under threat. When used, the
system will act normally, but can silently notify the Central Monitoring Station of your situation,
if that service has been provided.
4 Partition Master Can do everything a standard user can do, and can assign user codes to users in their partition
and can change its own code.
How to Assign User Codes and Attributes
Refer to the User Setup chart at the back of this manual to keep a record of user programming.
NOTE: Partition Master codes apply only to those user numbers previously assigned (by the system master/installer) to the
partition master’s partition.
Add User Code: System/Partition Master code + [8] + user no. + new user’s code
Users 03/25/41 are preset
User 01 = installer User 03 = partition 1 master
to be partition programmers,
User 02 = master User 25 = partition 2 master
but can be changed.)
User 41 = partition 3 master
The Keypad beeps once to confirm that new user was added.
Delete User Code: System/Partition Master code + [8] + [user no.] + [#] + [0]
The user code and all attributes* programmed for this user number, including any associated
RF keys, are erased from the system. (*except assigned partition)
Authority Level: System/Partition Master code + [8] + [user no.] + [#] + [1]+ auth. level
Factory Assignments: Authority Levels (see definitions above):
users 04-24/26-40/42-49 = 0 0 = standard user; 1 = arm only; 2 = guest; 3 = duress; 4 = partition master
users 03/25/41 = 4
Access Group: System/Partition Master Code + [8] + [user no.] + [#] + [2]+ group (1-8)
Factory Assignments: none You can assign users to a group, then set an access schedule that defines the times this group
of users can operate the system. The system does not allow these users to control the system
outside the scheduled times.
User’s Partition: System Master Code + [8] + [user no.] + [#] + [3] + [0] + partition(s) + [#]
Factory Assignments: This command assigns the partitions the user can access. If more
Part. 1 = users 03-24 than one, enter partition numbers sequentially, then press [#] to end.
Part. 2 = users 25-40 E.g., master code + [8] + [user no.] + [#] [3] + [0] + [1] [2] + [#] gives
Part. 3 = users 41-49 the user access to partitions 1 and 2.
Partition Entries: 1 = partition 1; 2 = partition 2; 3 = partition 3
RF User Number: Master/Part. Prog. Code + [8] + [user no.] + [#] + [4]+ zone no.
Factory Assignments: none Use this command to assign a wireless button device (keyfob) to this user (keyfob must be
enrolled in system first; see installer).
Zone number: Enter the zone number assigned to the desired function button on the keyfob
that will be used by this user. Each button was assigned a unique zone number. See your
installer for appropriate zone numbers.
Arm/Disarm Report: Master/Part. Prog. Code + [8] + [user no.] + [#] + [6] + 0 or 1
ou can program a user so that a message is sent to the monitoring station whenever this code
is used to arm or disarm the system. 1 = send arm/disarm report; 0 = no arm/disarm reporting
for this user
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