Trouble Conditions
"Check" and
"Battery" Displays
* Not all systems
use wireless
The word CHECK on the keypad's display, accompanied by a "beeping" at the keypad, indicates a
trouble condition in the system.
To silence the beeping for these conditions, press any key.
"CHECK" and one or more zone numbers indicates that a problem exists with the displayed zone(s)
and requires your attention. Determine if the zone(s) displayed are intact and make them so if they
are not. If the problem has been corrected, the display can be cleared if you enter the OFF sequence
(security code plus OFF key) twice. If the display persists, CALL FOR SERVICE.
NOTE: CHECK 70 on Fixed-Word/Icon Display keypads indicates that the wiring connection
to the external sounder is faulted (opened or shorted), and you should CALL FOR SERVICE. See
“BELL FAILURE” on next page. A display of CHECK 90 indicates that RF interference may be
preventing the operation of wireless sensors* in the system. See “Rcvr Jam” on next page.
If there are wireless sensors* in your system, the CHECK condition may also be caused by some
change in the environment that prevents the wireless receiver from receiving communication from a
particular sensor. CALL FOR SERVICE if this occurs.
Other Trouble Displays
Words or letters in parentheses
( ) are those that are
displayed on Fixed-Word/Icon
Display keypads.
* Any “beeping” that
accompanies a trouble
display can be stopped by
depressing any key on
the keypad or by
entering an OFF
sequence (code + OFF)
** Not all systems use
wireless sensors.
COMM. FAILURE Indicates that a failure has occurred in the telephone communication
(or FC) portion of your system. CALL FOR SERVICE.
SYSTEM LO BAT Indicates that a low system battery condition exists. Display is
(or BAT with no accompanied by "beeping"* at the keypad. Depending on installer
zone No.) programming, a system low battery may prevent arming, or you may
need to perform the arming sequence twice to override the condition
(see your installer). If this condition persists for more than one day
(with AC present), CALL FOR SERVICE.
Tamper If programmed, indicates a tamper fault condition (e.g. cover removed)
+ 1 + device number exists at the device shown.
LO BAT Indicates that there is a low battery condition in the wireless
+ zone descriptor transmitter** number displayed (00 is RF keypad).
(or BAT with Accompanied by a single "beep"* (once every 40 seconds) at the keypad.
zone No.) Either replace the battery yourself, or CALL FOR SERVICE. If the
battery is not replaced within 30 days, a CHECK display may occur
indicating that the transmitter is no longer operating.
Rcvr Jam Wireless part of the system is experiencing
(or CHECK 90) RF interference which may prevent reception from wireless sensors.**
MODEM COMM Indicates that the control is on-line with the Central
(or CC) Monitoring Station's or your installer’s remote computer.
The control will not operate while on-line. Wait a few minutes — the
display should disappear.
BELL FAILURE Indicates that the wiring connection to the external sounder
(or CHECK 70) is at fault (open or shorted). Accompanied by “beeping” at the keypad.
AC LOSS The system is only operating on battery power due to an AC power
(or NO AC ) failure. If only some lights are out on the premises, check circuit
breakers and fuses and reset or replace as necessary. Depending on
installer programming, an AC loss may prevent arming, or you may
need to perform the arming sequence twice to override the condition
(see your installer).
If AC power cannot be restored and a “low system battery” message
(or dI)
If this message remains displayed for more than 1 minute, system is
OPEN CIRCUIT The keypad is not receiving signals from the control. CALL FOR
Long Rng Trbl If installed, the back-up communications media portion of your
(or bF) system has failed (e.g. internet, intranet networks, long range radio).
TELCO FAULT The telephone line has a problem.
Total Power Failure If there is no keypad display at all, and the READY indicator is not lit, operating power (from AC and bac
up battery) for the system has stopped and the system is inoperative. CALL FOR SERVICE.
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